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Interactive maps for spreading the word

Mapping is the canvas for many consumer-based websites and mobile applications in the new media sector. For journalists and news organiztaions, having a responsive visualization engine is crucial to engage your base on current issues and trending stories.

Visualizing 100 points on Google Maps API is easy; visualizing 100,000 at once, in real-time, and with dynamic visualizations is complex. CartoDB operates a set of APIs and technologies that scales to global datasets with the same accuracy as localized ones, so that blurbs and feature exposés alike can incorporate maps.

Discover how our open source tool Odyssey, can help you tell stories.

Import your data with single a click

The ability to import your files with a single click or use CartoDB's API to import and manage your data allows you to focus on what matters: reporting meaningful stories. Dig deep with CartoDB's smart management options, which are designed to help you render historical data to sync with stories as they unfold in real-time.

Map and track trends from the most relevant sources


Import, track, and visualize real-time data streams, such as live feeds from social networks, or tackle complex information from various cloud databases. The CartoDB Editor enables you to highlight key aspects of newsworthy trends with our Wizard and custom design features. Whether you’re monitoring conflict borders from the Arab spring or compiling photo and video streams from the London Olympics, CartoDB infrastructure puts story-telling tools in your hands to narrate the news with compelling, digital innovations.

Discover how to create Twitter maps with CartoDB.

Seamless conversion with a geocoder engine

Data without geometries is common, but seamless conversion capability is not. The CartoDB Editor can convert non-geo data into rich spatial datasets within a couple of clicks. Geo-enabling your data with postal codes, counties, countries or even IP addresses is included in all plans.

Seamless conversion with a geocoder engine

Non-coder customization

customize map

Choose your basemap

From satellite imagery to driving directions, CartoDB customization makes it easy to choose the perfect backdrop for your data. Select from our platform-supported options, or import your own.

Style your map with our wizards

Customize colors, markers, labels, and much more with our Wizard.

Create infowindows

Introduce interactivity to your maps with hover and click functionality.

Mobile and tablet ready

Mobile and tablet ready

With mobile and tablet readership growing quarter-on-quarter, CartoDB has engineered our platform to render your stories with consistent formatting across multiple smart devices for optimal reader experiences from home, in the office, or on-the-go.

Media organizations using CartoDB

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