A geocoding, mapping, and visualization tool for NGOs and the international development community.

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  • Geocode and analyze your projects as they happen.
  • Easy to create and update.
  • Map filtering.
  • Overlay other information.

Open data and transparency are taking center stage in NGO project accountability. By visualizing your projects, you ensure that your measurable impact is communicated to all your stakeholders, including potential donors.

Deploy your past and present projects on dynamic interactive maps showing your organization’s impact and keep your community involved and up to date with mapping tools that turn your data into beautifully rendered information.

CartoDB supports the main file formats that you’re probably already working with. Simply import your data with a click, and style it on the fly. Whether you want to build a crisis map or communicate a humanitarian effort, with CartoDB it’s easy.

Whether you want to browse economic, social, political, or environmental indicators, or allow your users to filter your data and customize the information, our platform allows you to deliver rich and comprehensive maps to all your stakeholders.

Integrate several layers of data to gain new insights. Location analysis will allow you to turn your data in useful, problem-solving maps.

Make it easy to share your data

Use CartoDB as your datastore and allow your stakeholders or anyone interested in your organization to download and redistribute the raw data.

Join the open data movement and enhance transparency within your organization.

Let people know how your org is reponding in an emergency

Use CartoDB to dynamically map an ongoing humanitarian effort or use basic mapping tools to deliver a live data steam from the filed, CartoDB’s versatility will meet even the most challenging development needs.

Our geo tools and real-time resource analysis will help you bring a new level of operational efficiency to your organization.

Conduct a Gap Analysis of your data

With CartoDB you’re able to visualize millions or records on a map and integrate other layers of data like political, environmental, and demographic indicators to gain new insights on your projects.

Access and update your data using mobile devices

CartoDB maps are fully cross-browser compliant and mobile and tablet ready on Android and iOS devices, allowing aid workers to update their development activities, or send data from the field

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