We are looking for businesses and freelancers to help us resell and implement CartoDB based solutions. By becoming a partner you’ll be ensuring that your clients receive the best mapping, visualization, and analysis product on the market.

  • Gold Support

    Our gold level of support provides you access to the core developer team of CartoDB. So they can help you when building something complicated.

  • Partner discounts

    We give you a free Coronelli instance for developing purposes and discounts on CartoDB dedicated instances.

  • Access to new features

    We will intermittently inform you of new features being built for CartoDB prior to their public launch. Make your projects even more disruptive.

  • Promotion

    As a partner we will include you in various of our external communications, including, emails, blog posts, …

  • Events

    During the year we host various events, as partners you’re invited to these events.

  • Tons of love

    We love to collaborate with people and companies who push the limits of the geospatial technology on a daily basis.

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