Real-time mapping made simple and scalable.

CartoDB lets you design and develop real time maps that work on all platforms web and mobile, scalable to your traffic needs.

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Add a real-time factor to your CartoDB backed visualizations

Create maps that automatically update as your data updates, no matter how much or how frequently. Using our downloadable plugin, you can connect any CartoDB table to a live data stream and visualize it.

Take a look at the demostration video and see it working.
  • Massive scalability

    By using Amazon CloudFront the maps can handle 100.000 visitors or 10.000.000 visitors on the same day.

  • Cutomize it with CartoCSS

    From infographic maps to complex network visualizations, you can do it all with the power of CartoCSS and SQL.

  • Mobile and IE7 ready

    We’ve worked hard getting this to work all platforms, yes, even IE7. It’s all pure HTML and JavaScript

The perfect solution for event tracking.

Whether you’re mapping proprietary or user generated content, or want to integrate streams from the most popular social networks, CartoDB allows you to do so easily.

Just edit your data on your CartoDB tables through the UI or the API and all your connected maps will be automatically updated without refreshing.

The perfect solution for event tracking. The perfect solution for event tracking.

It’s Open Source, download and adapt it.

It’s Open Source, download and adapt it.

We are providing a project template for you to adapt and modify.

Open a CartoDB account, download the code from github and start adapting it for your project.

We are looking forward to see all the different possibilities of this template.

Download the template

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