Create maps like you've never seen before

Merge layers, add infowindows and create whatever visualization you want, with the power of CartoCSS.

Create multi-layer and fully interactive maps for the web and mobile

Customize the appearance of your basemap and your interactive data layers with just a few clicks. From point maps to complex thematic visualization, all with the help of our wizards. For advanced map styling, use the map style editor and access the power of CartoCSS, a cascading style sheets language for maps.

Create multi-layer and fully interactive maps for the web and mobile
  • Cool maps made easy

    With great looking built-in styles, instantly create thematic or density maps from your data.

    CartoDB comes preloaded with a range of bubble, choropleth and density map options, allowing you to generate meaningful visualizations in minutes.

  • Any basemap provider

    CartoDB allows you to put your data on top of rich base layers. Use Mapbox or any other basemap provider. You can even create maps without a background.

    CartoDB integrates with all major mapping and visualization engines through its mapping library, cartodb.js

  • Advanced styling with CartoCSS

    Use the power of CartoCSS.
    If you know how to use CSS to style websites, you already know how to use CartoCSS to style your maps.

    Using CartoCSS is an easy, flexible, and powerful way to make a better looking map.

Import your data in a click

Drag and drop your data into CartoDB. We support most common data formats. You can also import directly from a URL to avoid slow uploads.

Using the CartoDB table view you can edit your data, georeference and export it. Managing your map is now easier than ever.

Import your data in a click
Import your data in a click

Fully customizable infowindows

Change the look and feel, select the fields you want to show, order them and add a new dimension to your interactive maps. The CartoDB UI allows you to easily add images to your infowindows. Also, if you want to go further you can directly edit them using HTML and CartoDB.js

Georeference your data faster than ever

Translate directions to lat/lon columns, and put in the map data you couldn’t map before.

Georeference by address or any administrative region such as county, state or country. With our easy georeferencing user interface it will be a matter of minutes.

All plans come with some georeferencing calls included, but if you reach your limits it will be still as cheap as $15 per 1,000 rows.

Merge your tables and find relationships

Merge two tables based a shared value or measure the number of intersecting records between two tables, and all this in a matter of seconds by using the beautiful and simple user interface.

Animate your maps to see changes in big data over time

Some of the most important trends in your data may only be visible over time.

Create animated maps with millions of points and custom colors, duration, and effects in just a few clicks.

Go to the Torque website to learn more about this disruptive technology.

Share and publish your maps in a click.

Share and publish your maps in a click.

Share them with the rest of the world, or just with your collaborators.

Add a description to give more detail, a search box to quickly get you where you want to go, a layer selector that lets you show/hide each data layer, or a set of filters for letting people to explore your data deeper. All directly though the UI.

You can even add social buttons that let your readers easily post maps to Facebook and Twitter.

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