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What is this about

In June 2013, the President of the United States announced the Climate Data Initiative, an effort to leverage data to help the American people understand and prepare for climate change. At CartoDB, we are dedicated to supporting this cause and to making change possible through the work of our users. We have always believed that the best way to communicate problems in order to find solutions is to empower the people who know the problems the best. That’s where you come in. We want to support the most creative and exciting solutions to the problems presented by climate change.

What we fund

CartoDB Climate Grants is looking to fund tools built to help communities, companies and citizens prepare and adapt to the changes caused by climate change. We are looking for projects building mobile or web-applications, data visualizations, and data collection tools that address topics such as flooding, drought, and heat waves. We are looking for applications that have a clear goal, clear data to support that goal, and a clear geospatial requirement or mapping need.

We believe that creating web applications and data visualizations is not enough; in every project we are involved we bring design and interaction to the forefront. Online communication always starts with the very first look. Your application will be judged even higher if you can show successful apps or visualizations that you or your organization have designed and built in the past, whether on CartoDB or elsewhere. Good luck.

The application process

In order to submit a CartoDB Climate Grant application, please read each section of this document and prepare all requested materials. Before submitting, carefully consider any included past projects, and how complete your submitted idea is (or and the completeness of your idea). Submit your application by filling out the form linked below. We will review all submissions and select the most promising and exciting ones to support.

CartoDB Climate Grants of between $50 and $3500 will be made to successful applications to be used on CartoDB infrastructure over one year. Each application will need to submit a requested dollar amount for support, the review team may adjust the final level of support based on quality and details of the proposal. Grants are limited to nonprofits and non-governmental organizations. In order to be eligible, your organization must be recognized as a charitable organization in your respective country, and must operate as a not-for-profit organization.

Funds can be spent on CartoDB infrastructure including, hosting, map views, and advanced features included in larger account plans. CartoDB Climate Grants cannot be used toward geocoding and grant recipients will be limited to 500 free high precision geocodes per month.

Grants are accepted on a rolling basis, so submit to when you are ready. The review process will be about two weeks from the time of submission. You will be contacted by us when a decision has been made.

If you have specific questions about CartoDB Climate Grants, send them to

Tips for successful proposals

Provide a clear and descriptive project summary. Reviewing grant applications is challenging, and the more effective, simple, and meaningful your description, the easier it is for us to understand and evaluate your ideas.

Choose example projects that rely on similar technologies or were built for similar audiences so that we can better imagine what your current work is proposing.

We may have follow-up questions, so be sure you have someone involved in technical development who is prepared to answer us.

If you have used CartoDB in your previous projects, be sure to include a link to one of those. We love to see your mapping skills in practice.

The application format

Send a PDF file containning the following information.

Contact email
Title within organization
Organization website
Organization Twitter name
Two (2) links to previous projects
Requested amount ($50-$3500)
Organization mission (200 words)
Previous CartoDB uses (200 words)
Project title
Project location
Project description (500 words)
Expected outcome & impact (500 words)
Intended use of CartoDB (500 words)
Date & Signature

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