Your Open Source,
PostGIS-Powered Backend

Merge layers, add info windows, and create whatever visualization you'd like with the power of CartoCSS.

Use CartoDB as your geospatial backend.

Avoid the hassle of creating complex geospatial infrastructures yourself — develop your applications on top of CartoDB.

Based on PostgreSQL, CartoDB gives you access to the functionality of PostgreSQL and PostGIS to develop whatever you need.

Keep reading to learn about many of our other benefits.

  • As-Needed Scaling

    Don’t lose money with an oversized instance or risk stability with an undersized one. With CartoDB you will only pay for what you need.

    Learn more about our pricing.

  • Dynamic Data Integration

    CartoDB maps are rendered the moment a user requests them. They'll always be up to date with the latest version of your data. There is no need to regenerate your data or upload again.

  • Multi-Platform, Right Out of the Box

    All our maps are platform-independent, performing perfectly on desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. You don’t need to worry about developing for individual device-types: your maps will work on all of them.

Develop like a Pro with a SQL API and CartoDB.js

CartoDB exposes the power of PostgreSQL and PostGIS, allowing you to run queries on your data through the SQL API. This means support for common and advanced spatial operations such as geometry creation and conversion, reprojection, buffer, convex hull, generalization, union, and much more.

Take a look at the developers' website to learn more about how to use CartoDB in your applications.

Maintain synchronization of your data with any external source

Connect data from an external URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox, and keep your tables automatically updated.

CartoDB is perfect for visualizing datasets from public portals or for creating simple applications for crowdsourcing data.

*Available in all our plans from JOHN SNOW and up.

Foreign Data Wrappers - You can connect CartoDB to any other database.

Although CartoDB is based on PostgreSQL, you can integrate it with a lot of databases. You can avoid having to migrate your whole infrastructure.

Use our foreign data wrappers to keep your CartoDB tables integrated with your own external data sources. Available for the most popular databases, CartoDB becomes more integrated with your actual infrastructure, which is awesome.

Please contact us to find out about the complete list of supported databases.

Backups and SLAs

Your data will never be lost due to a server crash. We perform backups on a daily basis to avoid it.

Every time you share a map the tiles are distributed and cached around the world across a CDN, so they are fast and secure.

We also have Service Level Agreements available for the CartoDB Enterprise accounts, guaranteeing top availability for your instances.


Fork the Code—CartoDB is Open Source.

We have a very strong commitment to open source code. CartoDB has been built on a stack of some of our favorite open-source technologies, including PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Mapnik, and our very own WindShaft.

Browse the source code

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