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CartoDB is democratizing location intelligence

CartoDB is a set of powerful geospatial APIs, enabling the most easy to use Map Editor. With an ecosystem of thousands of users and partners developing and creating maps and apps with it. CartoDB is democratizing location intelligence.

Design incredible maps in a easy way with the Editor

CartoDB is the web's easiest tool to create, share, and publish your interactive maps. Use our powerful in-browser Editor to transform your data into beautiful visualizations and change the way you communicate insights.

Platform APIs

With multiple APIs to choose from, you'll have all the necessary tools to help you visualize and analyze your geospatial data. CartoDB provides a set of data services and wraps your own data into APIs that make it easier to develop by providing all the building blocks.

Design incredible maps easily with these applications.

Discover how you can build tools using CartoDB: layering maps with interactive functionality and leveraging location-based data to clarify your message and amplify the global impact of your maps.

Data to Maps in Seconds

Importing data couldn't be easier. We support most common data formats, and it works with drag & drop, or you can import directliy from a URL, or have CartoDB sync to your data so that it stays up to date without fuss.

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Things that Make CartoDB Special

  • Simple data import on the web

    We make the hard work for you

  • Easy to use design tools

    Incredible maps in seconds

  • Share your maps securely

    Options to share in your way

  • Free to use and Open Source

    Also we have plans with extra power

We're trusted by thousands of happy users and companies.

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